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University of Nanking

The University of Nanking was a Christian university founded in 1888 in Nanjing, China. It was originally named the Nanking University, the first school officially named University in China.


The Nanking University was founded in 1888 by C.H. Fouler. Initially there were three faculties: liberal arts, divinity and medicine. In 1910, The Nanking University merged The Union Christian College and changed the name to Private University of Nanking , and was registered with the New York State Education Department.

In 1951, Ginling College merged into University of Nanking. In 1952, University of Nanking was merged with Nanjing University .


*J. C. Ferguson
*G.A. Stuart
*A. J. Bowen
*Chen Yuguang
*Li Fangxun

Notable alumni

*Ching Chun Li, geneticist, Chairman of American Society of Human Genetics.
*Choh Hao Li, biologist, biochemist. His achievements include isolating and synthesizing the human pituitary growth hormone. He received many honors including Lasker Award.
*Choh-Ming Li, educationist, economist.
*Francois Cheng, writer, poet. A "Bridge Between Eastern and Western Culture".
*T. C. Tso, agriculturalist, tobacco scientist.
*Te-Tzu Chang, agriculturalist. Member of Pontifical Academy of Sciences . He receives Tyler Prize in 1999.
*Thome H. Fang, philosopher.
*W. B. Pettus, educator.
*Wu Teh Yao, educationist, politics scholar.
*Zhang Zhiwen, agriculturist, Vice Director General of FAO of United Nations.
*Charles W. Woodworth, Professor Emeritus and founder of the Entomology Division U.C. Berkeley was a lecturer in Entomology during his sabbatical in 1918. He was there then again between 1921-4. See the C. W. Woodworth Award.
*Pearl S. Buck, writer.
*Zou Bingwen, agriculturist, the Vice Chairman of Organising Committee of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nanking

The of is an ecclesiastical territory or diocese of the Roman Catholic Church in China. It was erected as the of Nanking in 1659 by Pope Alexander VII, and promoted to a diocese by Pope Alexander VII on April 10, 1690. However, the diocese was demoted to the Apostolic Vicariate of Kiangnan on January 21, 1856 by Pope Pius IX, and its name was later changed to the Apostolic Vicariate of Kiangsu on August 8, 1921 and to the Vicariate Apostolic of Nanking on May 1, 1922. Pope Pius XII elevated it on April 11, 1946 to the rank of a , with the of , , , and .

The archdiocese's and thus seat of its archbishop is the also known as the Shigu Road church. There has been no Archbishop of Nanking since the death of on August 16, 1978, because of the irregular relationships between the and the Holy See.

List of of Nanking

*Ignace Cotolendi
*Gregory Luo Wen-zao,
*Cayetano Pires Pireira,
*André-Pierre Borgniet,
*Adrien-Hyppolyte Languillat,
*Valentin Garnier,
*Jean-Baptiste Simon,
*Próspero París,
*Auguste Haouisée,
*Paul Yü Pin

Pukou District

Pukou , Jiangsu, China a city district of the City of Nanjing directly northwest across the Yangtze River from Nanjing.

Formerly the city at the southern terminus of the Tianjin-Pukou Railway. Railcars had to be ferried aross the river until it was bridged in 1968.

This district was the birthplace of celebrated Chinese historian Sima Qian in c.1213 AD.

Organic Food Development Center

The Organic Food Development Center is an organic certification organization in China. It was founded in 1994 and is based in Nanjing. It is a branch of China's State Environmental Protection Administration, or SEPA. It was certified by the in 2002.

Nol Lee

No?l Lee is an American classical pianist and composer living in Paris, France.

He studied music in Lafayette, Indiana, then attended Harvard University, studying with Walter Piston, Irving Fine, and Tillman Merritt. Following World War II, he traveled to Paris where he studied music with Nadia Boulanger and was a friend of Douglas Allanbrook. He has composed orchestral, chamber, piano, vocal, and film music. In addition, he has completed several unfinished piano works by Franz Schubert, and composed cadenzas for piano concertos by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven.

As a pianist, he has has toured on six continents and recorded 198 LPs and CDs since 1955, particularly of Schubert , Debussy, Ravel, Charles Ives, Bartok, Stravinsky, Aaron Copland and Elliott Carter. Thirteen of these have received a Grand Prix du Disque.

Lee has served visiting professor at Brandeis University, Cornell University, and Dartmouth College.

He received numerous awards throughout his career, including from the American Academy of Arts and Letters for his creative work; and from France, in 1998, the grade of Commandeur de l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres, and, in 1999, from the city of Paris, the Grand Prix de la Musique.

Nanjing Television Broadcast Group

Nanjing Broadcast Television Station, the is a television network in the Nanjing, China area. It is the owner of the Nanjing Broadcasting Network and Nanjing Radio.

Nanjing Radio

Nanjing Radio , is a family of radio stations that serve the Nanjing China area. It is also associated with the Nanjing Television Broadcast Group.

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List of Nanjing radio stations

Comprehensive News Channel
Education Channel
Film/Television Channel
Literature Channel
Lifestyle Channel
Kids Channel
Nanjing News Channel
Nanjing Economy Channel
Nanjing Sports Channel
Nanjing Music Channel
Nanjing Traffic Channel