Wednesday, October 15, 2008

University of Nanking

The University of Nanking was a Christian university founded in 1888 in Nanjing, China. It was originally named the Nanking University, the first school officially named University in China.


The Nanking University was founded in 1888 by C.H. Fouler. Initially there were three faculties: liberal arts, divinity and medicine. In 1910, The Nanking University merged The Union Christian College and changed the name to Private University of Nanking , and was registered with the New York State Education Department.

In 1951, Ginling College merged into University of Nanking. In 1952, University of Nanking was merged with Nanjing University .


*J. C. Ferguson
*G.A. Stuart
*A. J. Bowen
*Chen Yuguang
*Li Fangxun

Notable alumni

*Ching Chun Li, geneticist, Chairman of American Society of Human Genetics.
*Choh Hao Li, biologist, biochemist. His achievements include isolating and synthesizing the human pituitary growth hormone. He received many honors including Lasker Award.
*Choh-Ming Li, educationist, economist.
*Francois Cheng, writer, poet. A "Bridge Between Eastern and Western Culture".
*T. C. Tso, agriculturalist, tobacco scientist.
*Te-Tzu Chang, agriculturalist. Member of Pontifical Academy of Sciences . He receives Tyler Prize in 1999.
*Thome H. Fang, philosopher.
*W. B. Pettus, educator.
*Wu Teh Yao, educationist, politics scholar.
*Zhang Zhiwen, agriculturist, Vice Director General of FAO of United Nations.
*Charles W. Woodworth, Professor Emeritus and founder of the Entomology Division U.C. Berkeley was a lecturer in Entomology during his sabbatical in 1918. He was there then again between 1921-4. See the C. W. Woodworth Award.
*Pearl S. Buck, writer.
*Zou Bingwen, agriculturist, the Vice Chairman of Organising Committee of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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